Snoezelen Room

The adults in this atmosphere will benefit from the multi sensory equipment available to them to gain the maximum pleasure from the activity in which they and the enabler are involved. This may stimulate, relax, calm, or energize the senses through sounds, lighting, tactile or interactive panels that will challenge individuals to focus on following patterns.

In addition, our recent investment in a Portable Snoezelen Cart and other sensory engaging items have also allowed us to provide a Snoezelen Room-like environment to more clients at one time all within our main activity room! This way we can ensure clients can reap the benefits from Snoezelen equipment whether in a smaller setting such as the Snoezelen Room or in a large setting with many friends.

Our amazing Snoezelen Room is a favourite for all of us, including our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who had a chance to experience it!