Creative Arts

Creative Arts at Luso are a colourful expression of our participants.

Our art programs have many components and involve both sensory and knowledge-based learning. We utilize texture, shapes, structures, fabrics, papier-mâché, paints, noodle art, card making and jewelry, to name a few, as well as a focus on reusing recyclable materials. These programs are therapeutic in their own right and also stimulate and inspire creativity in our participants.

Among the many wonderful talents shown by our participants, one that has proven very important to their well-being is their art work. The focus and concentration put into developing their works of art allows them to explore and expand in their creativity and the sense of accomplishment in creating art enhances their self confidence and self esteem. The acknowledgement and appreciation of their talents is encouraging and motivating for them. Participants’ artwork is displayed throughout the centers and is available for sale annually at our Celebration of Abilities.