Our Story

Luso Canadian Charitable Society was formed in 2002 by a group of businessmen in the Portuguese community of Toronto. While working closely with the community, they quickly understood the need to improve the lives of disabled persons and their families. Our plan, designed to support and reduce isolation for those at risk, was welcomed by the community with open arms.

As the organization grew, it became obvious that the need existed beyond the Portuguese community. Their vision expanded to provide programs and services for disabled persons irrespective of ethnicity. An unwavering focus to deliver on our vision, coupled with the support of like-minded individuals and organizations, formed the bricks and mortar that built Luso.

Today, we offer programs and services to individuals from all backgrounds with physical and/or developmental disabilities and work towards fulfilling our mandate each and every day. Since those early days when Luso was only a vision, we now own and operate three Luso Support Centres serving communities in Toronto, Hamilton and Peel.

Luso staff, board members, volunteers and supporters at all levels make Luso a home for persons with disabilities. Families breathe easier knowing their loved ones are genuinely cared for and supported. We are proud of this growth and grateful to those who have brought us to where we stand today.

With our foundation in place, we celebrate accomplishments yet understand our work is not done. We continue to learn from our community and plan how we will enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families today, tomorrow and into the future.

As the story continues to unfold, changing landscapes in society fuels our desire to develop our programs, facilities and service models to enrich the lives of individuals and families living with disabilities. We extend our hands to service those in our communities that need our help. We continue. We build.