Our Mission Statement

Luso Canadian Charitable Society (Luso) is a community-based organization that supports families and adults, living with physical and/or developmental disabilities to reach their full potential. We work in partnership with the broader community to provide access to information, resources and programs that facilitate independence, growth and integration.

Our Vision

The Society will be a leader in the delivery of accessible, coordinated and sustainable services for adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities. We envision a community where differences are celebrated and community members are empowered to work together to improve quality of life for all.

Our Values

We believe that…

  • Every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Services should be accessible to all persons with disabilities, including those that face additional barriers such as income, language, and mobility.
  • We support our community by providing a variety of flexible programs and services that are responsive to the individualized needs of our clients and families.
  • Diversity enriches our clients, agency and community. Diversity refers to different racial and cultural backgrounds, and visible and invisible challenges.
  • Clients and families are entitled to receive high quality care from qualified and caring staff, in an open and welcoming environment.
  • We have a responsibility to efficiently and effectively manage the financial resources of our agency.
  • We are committed to work with our community to support advocacy efforts aimed at influencing the conditions that impact on the quality of life of our clients and families.